One Month Home

It’s been one month since I’ve returned home and although I have loved the catch ups and the well needed rest…I am itching for the next thing to come. While I am so grateful and appreciative for everything the U.S has taught me, I am ready to get on the go again, I don’t mean move necessarily but if the opportunity came…I wouldn’t say no.

I definitely feel a lot better since coming home and finding my feet again. New York was great but I’m happy to be home and starting over again. I have no idea where to go from here but all I know is that it’s forwards. I have matured and grown both professionally and individually and I owe that all to my graduate visa experience because I am changed since coming home but I am enjoying finding old pieces of myself scattered around Dublin. In some ways, It’s as if I never left and in others, the city is completely new and shiny to me and it’s exciting to explore in all a fresh. New York will always be dear to me but Dublin and Europe is my home and I intend for it to stay that way.

I’m not sure if I feel much different since coming home but I know it’s all good from here on out and that I want to say a few little words of thank you also to all the followers and readers of my little blog I’ve kept going for the past few months but unfortunately it’s goodbye and goodnight….well for now anyways. I will definitely keep on writing and perhaps blog again in the near future once I find a new topic but now it’s goodbye and I hope you enjoyed all things Ari’s Adventures In The Big Apple.





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