My Ode to Dublin


I’ve been homesick recently.

It’s been bubbling and rising for a while now and as much as I love New York, I miss Dublin and all it’s attributes. I miss the winding and bustling streets that carry you from one side of the city to the other. I miss the culture and art seeping from every corner, every street and every open space. I miss friendly faces and the chance encounter of seeing an old companion in town.

I just miss it all.

I suppose I didn’t realise how much until surprise, surprise, I was drinking in a bar on Saturday night. I swung the bathroom door open and accidentally hit the bartender and after apologizing profusely, she looked at me and gawked ‘OMG, are you Irish?’.  Cue a drunken American girl’s monologue about how much she loves Ireland and she’s always wanted to travel there. How much she has always wanted to drink in the pubs and that her two friends are currently in Dublin and she is extremely jealous.

With that proclamation, she took me to the bar to get in a shot of Irish Whiskey and I was all on board, while at the bar, I met her friends and was introduced as ‘her new Irish friend’. I taught her how to toast ‘Sláinte’ and we downed our shots. She asked me for suggestions and I drunkenly scribbled them on receipt paper so here are my top 3 things I love to do in Dublin.

  1. Climbing and hiking Howth Head followed by strolling through Howth village and enjoying a pizza and pint in The Dog House Blue’s Tea Room.

2. Having a drink and shopping in the Sunday flea markets in The Generator Hostel as well as a film in The LightHouse Cinema in Smithfield.

3. Soaking in the sun in the Iveagh Gardens before strolling down the canal and towards The Bernard Shaw for a drink and a good night out whether it be in the smoking area or the Big Blue Bus.

She thanked me as I smiled and returned to my friends. I hope she enjoys Dublin as much as I miss it. I can;t wait to return but I also can’t to experience New York in the summertime.

What are your top 3 things to do in Dublin?

And as always,

Much love,




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