New York I love you but you’re confusing me


New York is a great and wonderous place, don’t get me wrong about that but sometimes it can just drain your soul and spirit until there’s nothing left. You can play LCD Soundsystem’s New York I love you, but you’re bringing me down while reading this if you want. The song kinda inspired this blog post. I know I shouldn’t be complaining as I live in NYC but it really does get too much sometimes.

So here’s my 10 top things I hate about New York.

  1. It’s Expensive AF 

Nothing’s face value or free in this city. There’s always a catch whether it’s tax on clothes or a tip on the meal; New York can deplete your funds pretty quickly and it’ll never apologise for doing so- you should know better. Some Delis will charge $9 for a poorly made small sandwich that’s been sitting out in the display case all day…

2. The Subway

The Subway will take you wherever you need to go whether it’s A to B or C to Z however it is always packed to the brim with commuters or it never really works so you’re always playing a guessing game with some train lines. ‘Will the 7 show up in 5 minutes or 30 minutes today?’ I ask myself every morning as I climb the subway stairs and hence ended up being 5-10 minutes late for work nearly every second day but at least I have an excuse. It’s also so disgusting can’t wait for the summer.

3. It’s Always Noisey 

This city literally never sleeps. There always sirens, car honking, people screaming, subway noise and even people going through the trash and slamming the side gate beside my bedroom window will drive anyone cracked. I honestly can’t wait to return to the silence suburbs.

4. People Everywhere

Goodbye personal space and hello stranger’s crotch in my face as I try to read my book on the subway. There is never any space to have to yourself and the ironic thing is that I feel completely alone even in the biggest crowds.

5. Sense of broken communication

I feel as if New Yorkers don’t understand my accent, speech, general being and this can be extremely frustrating at times. No one can understand each other at the best of times but it can be especially hard if you have a weird accent.

6. Cut off from Nature

Central park is a joy to work beside but I miss having a garden and being surrounded by greenery and trees everywhere. I am getting tired of being stuck in a concrete jungle.

7. City Rush

The pace of this city and it’s people can weigh you down so much. It’s constantly all GO GO GO and never gives me one moment to breathe as there is no time ever to just be still and present here.

8. Personal space invasion

Hello again to the random person’s crotch in my face on the subway

9. FOMO 

I get it bad but it’s challenging to do things when you’re forever broke and constantly working. I know I was never gonna lead the Gossip Girl lifestyle but just once it would be nice to be able to go to a party or a show and not have a care in the world but alas, I gotta keep working hard to make my dreams a reality.

10. Time goes by so fast 

New York works on its own schedule and no one else’s. It a never-ending parade of things and days going by faster and faster and I’m scared my time will be up before I even get a true grip on it all.

But for all this I have 10 top things I love about New York:

  1. The sense of excitement

It gets me everyday once I step outside my door. I get this rush for endorphins every time I am in the city and just wandering around looking at new and interesting things.

2. The expansive theatre and art scene

It’s pretty cool yet hard to keep up with sometimes because I am saturated with so many options but if you research your stuff then you can find discounts or deals for most things.

3. Being Irish in NYC 

This is a real plus to have in the city because (this gonna sounds narcissistic) everyone loves to hear an Irish accent and become completely engrossed and friendly with everything you have to say.

4. Interesting people

Some of the most eccentric people live in New York and I love chatting to them and hearing crazy stories about their lives.

5. The Cat Cafes

It wouldn’t be a post by me if I didn’t mention cats somewhere but yeah, the cat cafes are amazing because they’re all affordable and fun with cute rescue kitties up for fostering and adoption and as I have said before please ADOPT, DON’T SHOP. Manhattan might have the monopoly but the best one is the Brooklyn Cat Cafe on Atlantic Avenue.

6. The Dogs

New York is full of great doggos and cute puppers at walking around with their cute little coats and stylish groomed fur; it’s hard not to walk past one and your heart turns to mush. I have a few times been a creep and just watch them in dog parks because I need something cute to be in my day. Please don’t call the NYPD on me.

7. The Weather

It hardly rains here and that’s alright with me however it can also be very bipolar just like Dublin.

8. The sense of home whenever I hear a fellow Irish accent

Thankfully there are many Ex pats and Irish watering hole dotted around the five boroughs so that I can feel that I never on another planet, some of them I know and some it’s nice to meet for the first time.

9. Anything can happen

Exhibit A: I met Kim Cattrall the other night while I was working, just out of no where she pops up and I usher her to seat; I didn’t expect that to happen.

10. It’s a strange and turbulent time to be an immigrant in the U.S 

I am getting the best political and civics education I could ever possibly ask for and it’s odd experiencing the Trump administration first hand but at least it’s given my life experience and plently of historic moments I can say I was apart of.

And as always, thanks for reading.

Much love,




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