Thinking (creatively) outside the (money) box…

In this post, I will stray from my anecdotes and recommendations for more of an opinion piece. This topic has been on my mind for the last few weeks while I have been trying to write and edit a play. I have thought about this before but only now that I am closer to actually making my art a reality and not just a hobby when I can find the time, it dawns on me: where will I get money to fund this?

5858030702_91d59088f1_o (1)This literally my bank account right now. A sad state of affairs all together.

It’s a question all artists, no matter what medium ask themselves. Sure, there’s grants and arts council funds, online funding campaigns and even ‘begging’ the family and friends and again, when you’re starting out; where do you go from there? As a writer, I am always to have the idea of a budget in my head so I can realistically make and produce it, whether it be for the stage or screen. Now I am not going to attempt to make the next Star Wars or Avatar but yet I am still terrified of writing something as simple as a set change because again, where I am going to get the money to even buy the set pieces. It can get a bit daunting to think about making art this way but I’ve recently had another brain wave about this conundrum: challenge myself to make more out of less.

Some questions that arose from this were:

  • Do I limit myself creatively if I only think about budget?
  • Will my work not be as good due to budget?
  • What challenges will my art face because of this?
  • Am I not letting my imagination go full force because of budget?


By changing the perspective; how can I make theatre out of nothing?

This is what I am trying to positively channel when I write and yet easier said than done. Also should there be another way of funding I should be investigating? Now I am still at the early stages in my writing but advice is always welcome from whose have been there before so please leave me a comment. I often find myself wondering how do other people do it? I know we are creatures of habit and curious creatures at that yet I feel like I know the answer already ‘They just worked really hard!’ but what did they do during that work is what I want to know.  I find myself running around in circles trying to answer these questions and yet perhaps I will only find out by experimenting and trying to get my work out there- again if anyone know anywhere a new playwright should be applying/talking to, let a starving artist know.

Much Love,




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