Welcome to the introductory post for my first blog entitled Ari’s Adventures in the Big Apple.  A journey of one Irish girl’s life in New York City. Think of it as the film Brooklyn but set in 2017 and without Saoirse Ronan’s awful Wexford accent.

This blog will track the rest of my U.S. and yes, you’re probably thinking ‘Why didn’t she start this earlier?’ and yes, you have a good point. The reason I am starting this blog now is because I finally feel settled in New York and therefore can enjoy the sights of the city in opposed to when I first came here, stressed and scared about my graduate visa and what would happen? Well, thankfully after 4 and a half hard months, I feel like I have finally arrived and can enjoy the city.

So this blog will be like my second journal, my first being a Moleskine paper journal, one filled with a timeline, my thoughts, ideas and of course, lots of doodles. If you don’t already have one, I highly recommend getting one. They’re great. I hope to write a blog entry regularly and that you will enjoy my anecdotes and observations.

What should you except when you read this blog?

Well what you will mainly be expecting is stories of my life, working in an off broadway theatre, living in Queens and lots of running around Manhattan. I will also be talking a lot about theatre and the shows I have seen so expect some reviews as well as art exhibition reviews and the occasional post of me missing my fur babies. Fur babies= cats and Floofs= dogs. New York has lots of majestic fur babies and floofs and I hope to share future stories and pictures of me in cat cafés and dog spotting around Midtown so stay tuned.

Another reason why I thought of setting up a blog is so that I could work on finding my creative voice as a writer. I am currently toying with the idea of writing a one-woman show called High Heels Are Not My Friends  and I will share excerpts with you readers in future posts. It’s true what they say about New York; everyone’s in show business and everyone’s a critic so I thought why not jump on the bandwagon. I’ve had an interest in writing for a long time so I hope this blog will serve a my platform in which to express myself but also channel my energy creatively. My ‘forte’ or as I like to think of it as my forte is playwriting, screen playwriting and short stories but who knows? Maybe one day I might even tackle the challenges of writing a novel.

I am also going to apologise in advance if this blog gets a bit political from time to time because it’s hard not to get political when you are living in an extremely turbulent time in the U.S. Don’t fret however, because this blog will be a ‘safe and special place’ just like ‘The theater must always be a safe and special place’. So yeah, apologies in advance.

And on that note, I bid you adieu.

Much love from NYC,















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